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Creative experiences. Imagination and discovery.

Maybe you have an industrial engineering degree, or maybe you work in the textile sector. Maybe yours is a service company, or maybe you're focused on the world of telecommunications. Your market might be international, or it might just be local. Maybe you have been working for many years. Or maybe you're just getting started.

What is certain is that you have the company you have, you work for the company you work for, you are a group of people who are carrying out a project.

And I, who dedicate myself to artistic creation in glass and ceramics, suggest that you and your team come to my workshop to enjoy a creative and plastic experience together. 

Why? Because you will relate in a different way, in a relaxed environment, using a part of the brain that you don't usually work with. You'll get your hands dirty, play with color and textures, and build something unique and yours, all together.

The format of the workshops is not defined. I create them depending on the interests or the goals that you want to enhance. I lead them myself or together with professionals from other fields such as stage creation. get to know each other better,
discover new possibilities for growth or face the failure of sleepaspects that some of the entrepreneurs who have already come to do a workshop wanted to work on. Always in agreement with the manager, I can generate more or less disruptive dynamics where the surprise factor plays a more or less important role. 

What is defined is the space where we will work. The workshop is located in an old remodeled farm in the middle of the corn fields of La Vall d'en Bas. It is a 200 m2 space perfectly prepared for this type of activity. And that there will be refreshments, with artisan products from the region and organic fruit juices. 

some opinions


Very interesting. First to see how different and creative we all are and comparing it to the work we have. And to see how we deal decisively with the unforeseen.


Creative, sensitive, different and surprising. Very relaxing.

A morning well spent watching people flow in a very different atmosphere.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-30 at 23.07.25 (2).jpeg

Very interesting session management. From the beginning, very conceptual and that made me reflect and get closer to creativity (something we don't usually do).

There are businessmen and women who are aware of the benefits of creative work outside of the workplace. If you are one of them, contact me. If you're one of those people, you can always change.

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